D & A TV Master - High Point, NC 

Samsung TV and Appliance Repair
near High Point, North Carolina 

When you look around High Point you will notice a bucket load of furniture, textiles, and bus manufacturing facilities. You do not see a lot of hi-tech companies. So the repair and maintenance of high end televisions and monitors does not have the demand that it would in someplace like San Francisco or maybe Asheville. But who wants to drive to Ashville just to have a TV repaired? Fortunately, D & A TV Master has been in the business of repairing high end equipment for over 30 years – way back when that meant state-of-the-art meant a CRT and a sack of tubes. 

D & A TV Master still does TV Repair, but now our factory trained technicians are working with microprobes performing Flat Screen Repair on LED TVs and LCD Monitors. Oh, and no driving. That’s right, D & A can service your large computer monitors at your home or business. Or we can take the unit back to our shop and do extensive repairs on LCD, Plasma, or DLP units. 

Big Screen or Small Screen, Projection TV or Flat Screen, Digital or an old CRT TV, D & A TV Master can repair the problem at a fraction of the cost of a new unit and the repair comes with a 90 day warranty for parts and labor.

D & A TV Master runs all our technicians through a background check and then they are off for extensive training. We are certified by the factory on LG TV Repair, Samsung TV Repair, Mitsubishi TV Repair, and Toshiba TV Repair. Monitors, too. And we don’t shy away from LED Repair or LCD TV Repair, either.

D & A TV Master is your Local TV Repair, no question. But we are also your Local Appliance Repairshop as well. Our extensive warehouse allows us to complete most appliance repairs on the spot. Even off-brand appliances only take a few days for parts. Refrigerator Repair? No problem we can keep your food and drinks chilled. Washer or Dryer Repair? We have you covered. D & A TV Master can even install your Home Entertainment Center, from wall mounting to properly connecting all the different bells and whistles. If someone else installed your system, we can get it to work the way it was designed.

For over 30 years we have been the area’s high point of Appliance and TV Repair Service. We have the experience, the NESDA certification, the trained techs, and the warehouse of parts. There is no reason to look anywhere else.

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