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Jamestown, North Carolina 

While the rest of the country was embracing technology as early as the 1900s, it was not until the 1950s that Jamestown could point to such high-tech improvements as street lighting, water and sewer services, and a fire department. That is despite the fact that the railroad was built through Jamestown a hundred years earlier. That could cause one some trepidation if there is a sudden need for a Flat Screen TV or Monitor to be repaired. Fortunately, D & A TV Master services Jamestown with factory trained technicians and over 30 years of experience. Sure, we started with CRT TV repair way back when. We can still get most units up and running for a fraction of the cost of a new one. But today’s market is all about Flat Screen Repair. Make no mistake, Flat Screen TVs come in a variety of flavors: LCD TVs, LED TVs, and Projection TVs, just to name a few of the repair services today’s market demands.

Unlike the old days when almost everyone had a Motorola, today, D & A TV Master technicians find themselves called on for LG TV Repair. And Samsung TV Repair. And Mitsubishi TV Repair. And Toshiba TV Repair. Times have changed and D & A TV Master has kept up with the change, maintaining its place as the premiere Television Repair Service with all the devotion the local community demands.

Besides being your Local TV Repair Center, D & A TV Master also works on all appliances, too. We can handle your Refrigerator Repair or Washer Repair with the same great service that that has made our TV Repair Service unmatched in the area. D & A TV Master also features Home Entertainment Installation in addition to Television Repair and Appliance Repair. We can install any make or model of home entertainment system and we know how to get all the parts – like Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, and streaming devices – up and working together. We do both the major and all the minor adjustments required to make a system run like it was designed.

D & A TV Master’s factory trained technicians are background checked and we are insured up to $1,000,000. We are a member of NESDA. We are very proud to offer same day service and one day turn-around in most cases. If parts must be ordered, they are usually installed in your home, business, or in
our offices on the same day they arrive.

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